Hello poets and poetesses!

Another milestone week.

APAL Poets Guide

Tuesday, Jan. 27 - Ruta Maya Coffee House, 4th _at_ Lavaca, APAL open mic 6:30. Guest host John Hawk. Laura will be back next week.

Tuesday, Jan 27 - Electric Lounge. Slam! 8 p.m. 302 Bowie. Hosted by Genevieve Van Cleeve. Rush over from Ruta Maya, you can make both in the same night!

Wednesday, Jan. 28 - Rio Grande Coffee Haus. New Voices features Clint McCown (see featured poem below). 2222 Rio Grande, 8 pm. Jennifer Williams and Stazja co-host.

Wednesday, Jan 28. - Movements Gallery. Blast Your Own Breath: BYOB Spoken Word Session. 211 E. 6th St., 9 - 10:30 p.m. Tammy Gomez hosts.

Thursday and Friday - go hear some jazz or something, write a bunch of poetry.

Saturday, Jan. 31 - Quackenbush's. APAL Saturday Night Live Poetry is graced with Dr. Marvin Kimbrough, featured poet, and you can sign up at open mic at 7 p.m. 2120 Guadalupe. John Hawk hosts

Sunday, Feb. 1. - APAL sponsored free POETRY WORKSHOP 2-5 pm. See announcements for details.

Tuesday, Feb. 3 - Ruta Maya APAL open mic, Laura Moliter hosts. 6:30 pm. 4th and Lavaca

Tuesday, Feb. 3 - Electric Lounge, open mic. 302 Bowie, Phil West hosts. 8 p.m.

Wednesday, Feb. 4 - Rio Grande Coffee Haus. New Voices features Raven Moonchild, published in Homeless Artists Guild Anthology. Open mic signup 7:45. 2222 Rio Grande. Stazja and Jenn host.

Wednesday, Feb. 4. - Movements Gallery. Blast Your Own Breath: BYOB Spoken Word Session. 211 E. 6th St., 9 - 10:30 p.m. Tammy Gomez hosts.

Sat., Feb. 7th - Poetry in the Arts features Herman Nelson and Stazja McFadyen. Texas History Center, next to main library on Guadalupe. 2 pm

Sat., Feb 7th - Glosso Babel will feature at Quack's APAL Saturday Night Live Poets, a benefit for APAL, followed by open mic. John Hawk, host. 2120 Guadalupe, 7 p.m.

Sat., Feb 7th - Highlife Cafe will be a St Valentine's reading of FAVORITE CLASSIC LOVE POETS (Neruda,Barrett etc ) from 7:30. Free

admission-Highlife is at 1407 7th Street -check with Lydia Prestwood at Feliz_at_mail.utexas.edu for more accurate details.

Sunday, Feb 8 - APAL free poetry workshop. 2 p.m. location tba.

St. Valentine's Day - Saturday, February 14, 1998 at 7 pm at Book People, 6th and Lamar. Presented by Thom the World Poet in conjunction with Book People: A night of love poems featuring: Wendy Woodruff, Sue Littleton, Patricia Fiske, Joy Owen, Susanne Vance, Morrie Green and very

special guest poets. 7 pm. for info call Thom the World Poet at 416-7635

Thursday, Feb. 19 - Poesia y Sur at Mexic-Arte Museum - Sue Littleton lovingly features the works of Gabriella Mistral. 419 Congress, 7 p.m.

Thursday, Feb. 19 - East End Black and White in Color at Ebony Sun Java House. Floyd Freeman is featured poet, followed by open mic. 1209 E. 11th Street, Suite C, 7:30 p.m. Stazja hosts.

Saturday, Feb. 22 - Book People features Sue Littleton, reading from her book "Ekutsihimmiyo" (the Cheyenne word for Milky Way, literally translated "the road that hangs down from the heaven." Legend is that when the Cheyenne dies, the spirit goes up the road that hangs from heaven.) 6th and Lamar, call for time.

Ok, enough into the future.

Last week in Austin poetry:

What an incredible week!

On Monday, Ebony Sun Java House opened, with a youth and teen tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Great work!

Tuesday at Ruta Maya featured Mim Scharlack from San Antonio, what a sprite! Beating her drum, giving us cheer! and soooooo many terrific readers at open mic. We raised $52 for MC Jabber's airfare to the festival.

Wednesday - New Voices at Rio Grande featured Julien Palacios, see his letter in announcements below. New to us was Todd, who delighted us with his missing rodeo queen poem. Duncan Earle visited from El Paso, we reeled in Rev. Wyrdsli, hiding out since his move to Austin from Atlanta, but we got your number now, Rev. And Tiffany Warner, wow! 22 poets in all, and standing room only.

Thursday, the Poesia y Sur at Mexic-Arte. Sue, Thom and Miriam did Pablo Neruda's work proud. And Claire's piano accompaniment was perfect!

Saturday, Quackenbush's back to evenings. Karyna Perkins featured, the original Austin Girl (one of your best works, Karyna!)

I'm changing the format, with featured poems preceding the announcements. Dessert first, anyone?

And now for FEATURES:

1. First featured poem is by Clint McCown, who is also featuring at "New Voices" at 2222 Rio Grande on Wednesday night. Clint is a performance poet with The KAIROS! Co.

For Al Martinez and the true definition of "Distance", being the only thing the rich will allow the poor to call theirs and keep.

On the East Side and spreading to the suburbs

There is a torment vibrating from within.

Slicing the skin in ornate patterns of disgust…

Escaping to the sky and always keeping track/score/distance

Marking territory with the pungent musky vinegar pissing into dust bowls causing

clouds of history to puff their memory to the future propelled from compressed


burst rainbow spectrum fused to the masonry

left to steam in the sun and hurt the eyes of pedestrians and the fools in their cars waiting

for trains to pass.

Urban kids scream:




Comfortable belief systems misinterpret dog piss for death signals

And immaculate resourcefulness and utility for vandalism

So I scream:




Let me tell you a story:

When death comes in from the back yard and catches his wife,

Life, in bed with another concept, such as Truth, Faith or Discovery, he begins to rage.

Life will encourage the conflict (Life cannot refuse a challenge).

They argue as eternal lovers do, pushing the passion of their association to its peak.

Stimulated beyond measurement both

Life and Death attack the invading idea and penetrate mutually… Cosmic fornication.

Conceiving the idea named Art.

Art is reborn everyday




It lives on

Without canvas, or oils, or cameras, theatres, or costumes, lights or instruments,

Without scripts

Without directors

Without galleries

It lives on

Without respect

Without ears or eyes

Without citizenship

Without borders

Without time or money, comfort or affirmation

Art lives on

Grows old very slowly

And is reborn everyday.

© 1998 Clint McCown

2. Rob Siciliano is from Toronto; a very cool guy! Here's what he sent me:

MY ARTILLERY (Rob Siciliano)

my artillery

my calligraphy

no longer the same if you took it away

silenced, I'd be insane

my artillery

my calligraphy

throw out that gun, let it all out

choose the font, detonate the bomb

my artillery

my calligraphy


my artillery

my calligraphy

change your life, grab that mike.


ANNOUNCEMENTS (and lots of them, some really good stuff!)

1. (posted by John Hutton, APAL's only rocket scientist)

Good Morning Poets: Austin Poets at Large is sponsoring a free weekly


improve your poems by exchanging encouragement and feedback with your fellow poets in a casual setting.

sundays 2 pm, host: John Hutton

first workshop: february 1, 1998, at the home of Thom the World Poet

bring 10 copies of your poem to receive comments. bringing snacks is encouraged

call 494-1192 for locations, directions, and more information or e-mail


2. You MUST read this! Tim Wood in Dallas has created a Texas Poetry ListServ, up and running!!!! To subscribe, send e-mail to "macjordomo_at_datawranglers.com". Leave "subject" line blank. in the body of your e mail, simply write: "subscribe texaspoetry (your name)."

For more information, e mail Tim Wood at tim_wood_at_datawranglers.com

3. Farid Mohammadi produces the Texas Nafas poetry programming on ACTV channel 10. He is applying for a funding grant and needs letters NOW, IMMEDIATELY, RIGHT AWAY, by the end of January, lots of them, saying how you like the program, and how important it is, for use in the grant application. Send letters by email to poetry10_at_juno.com or by snail mail to Farid Mohammadi, 1221 Algarita, Apt. 224, Austin, 78704.

Texas Nafas is aired Sundays at 9 pm on ACTV channel 10. Watch the program, which explains "Nafas".

Farid also needs volunteer help, interviewers, promoters, camera people, editors, someone with strong poetic knowledge for a 3-5 minute education spot in each program. call him at 326-4071 or e mail at poetry10_at_juno.com

4. excerpt from Bowerbird Intelligentleman, coordinating the first North American Poetry Jam:

dear poets, friends, strangers, etc.

hundreds of performance poets from all over north america will gather in las vegas for the world's first "poetry jam" from

monday, march 2nd through thursday, march 5th, 1998. <-- look! the dates!

"jam" will be a 4-night explosion of performance poetry involving:

* 3 shows/night -- each poet performs in front of all the others,

* a video-shoot -- we'll be filming all of these shows, and

* a party -- the natural result when performance poets get together.

we're still nailing down the final details with the hotel,

but we feel confident that the dates will not change.

the response to jam has simply been _overwhelming_.

already, _200+_ poets have signed up saying they plan to come.

i can only accomodate another 100 poets.

to get the full text, to sign up or for more information, e mail bowerbird_at_aol.com or stazja_at_aol.com

5. "Dear Stajza,

Just a short note to say many thanks for all your work coordinating the various poetry nights. It's an absolutely invaluable job you are doing. Please know that all my friends who have read speak very highly of the events, and it has given us all great creative forward momentum.

Sometimes in our generation we are too quick to slight our elders, seeing them as having sold out all they believed in, but it is ineffably refreshing to see someone such as yourself perpetuating ideals held dear then, and still today.

On a personal note, thanks so very much for encouraging my own work. It is very nice to be appreciated by others, especially those who don't know my work. If you have five seconds to spare between incessant phone calls please take a gander at the Orange web site and my own site to promote my forthcoming book, at:

http://www. geocities.com/vienna/strasse/2724

Please write back when convenient,

Julien Palacios"

6. Still need housing for international poets coming to the festival in April.

e mail me if you have room and hospitality. and muchos gracias to those who have already volunteered

7. Deadline to register for Austin International Poetry Festival '98 is extended to February 15. For application forms, call 918-AIPF, or e mail aipf98_at_aol.com, or ask me when you see me. I can even fax apps to you if you send me your fax #. There are now 21 international poets registered, and expecting more. See featured poem of Canadian Rob Siciliano below.

And my plug for my L.A. buddies - the tally of Larry Jaffe's "Construction Poetz" registered for the festival keeps going up! Hi Circe, Jeff, Estelle, VonEnemy, Joseph. See you in April!

8. INTERNATIONAL POETS WELCOME TO TEXAS! SUNDAY,MARCH 29 at 1pm at a ranch near San Antonio,a Texas bbq welcome for the International Poets will be held.Luminaries visiting include 76 yr young

environmentalist feminist poet VENIE HOLMGREN,JAY WOODMAN popular publisher and performer and guest ofaipf96,as well as those scallywags of Bristol Slam poetry-TIM GIBBARD,RUPERT HOPKINS and JERRY JIGGER.Tickets,which include the bbq,as well as the talents of COWBOY POETS,SINGERS,GUNSLINGERS,TEXAS LONGHORNS (to ride and to eat)are only $10 and are available now at your weekly poetry venues-Ruta Maya

Tuesdays at 6.30, 2222 Rio Grande Wednesdays at 8pm and Quackenbushs on Saturdays at 7pm or by contacting Thom (512) 416 7435 or Stazja (512) 346-7773 in Austin or Chris Crabtree (210) 674-8779 in San Antonio

9. From Frank Pool, AIPF '98 Chairman:

The Austin Younger Poets Awards will be presenting $100.00 in prizes and publication in the Austin Younger Poets Awards anthology in conjunction with the Austin International Poetry Festival in April. Young people up to the age of 19 are eligible for the prizes, but work of college students will be considered for publication in the anthology. All poets published in the anthology will receive a free copy and an invitation to read their work in public at AIPF 98. For information, call 346-8717 or email AIPF98_at_aol.com

10. From Phil West, hosting National Slam in August: Do you know anyone who would be good for volunteering for us? We know that, come August, we'll need people we trust to scorekeep and timekeep and run scores to the big computer. Now we just need ideas and people willing to do the legwork. Phil West e mail pony_at_mail.utexas.edu

11. Posted by John Herndon:

MIKE & DALE¹S YOUNGER POETS HOSTS READING TO INAUGURATE MAGAZINE ISSUE # 8 MIKE & DALE¹S YOUNGER POETS, a quarterly journal of poetry, will host a reading at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, January 31st, to feature local poets John

Herndon, Hoa Nguyen and Dale Smith. The magazine is based in Austin and San Francisco and its editors wish to formally announce the publication to the city of Austin through this reading of local poets. Austin poet John Herndon has been active with local poetry for more than 20 years. Mike & Dale¹s press will publish a chapbook of his later this winter.


Hoa Nguyen moved to Austin in 1996 from San Francisco. She teaches poetry weekly at the Dougherty Center for the Arts. Her poems have appeared in numerous journals and will soon be featured in an anthology by Talisman Press.

Dale Smith co-edits MIKE & DALE¹S YOUNGER POETS with Michael Price, of

San Francisco. Dale¹s poems and book reviews have appeared in several

small journals across the country. His chapbook, Sillycon Valley, was

published in October.

January 31, 1998, 7:30 pm, 601 N Lamar, Suite 300

> Above Whole Foods (enter through the door located between Whole foods and Bookpeople)

12. Posted by Valerie Bridgeman Davis:

We are having a training/poetry reading for everyone who will host/emcee during the Poetry Festival at Huston-Tillotson College's King-Seabrook Chapel (auditorium) on March 24, the Tuesday before the week of the festival. Valerie Bridgeman Davis (me) and others will be leading the training. Anyone who will be leading a section in the festival should attend. We will be talking about how to keep on task, what to do when someone in your slot goes overtime, how to encourage poets to read rather than explain their poetry, getting your group in one spot so that you are ready to go, reporting the results to the festival for accurate reporting

of our events, how to rely on venue captains (or whatever we are calling them this year), etc. Essentially, we are trying to smooth out some rough spots in our grassroots attempts. We believe AIPF will become the premiere Word festival of the latter part of this century.

Thanks to everyone giving me so much back up! If you want off the mailing list, just e mail me.

love and a 33 and a third,


Subj: Re: austin poets at large #12

Date: 98-01-26 14:06:29 EST

From: drpoetry_at_ktc.com

To: Stazja_at_aol.com (Stazja)

You're doing a great job! thanks for doing it. a great addition to my email./

david breeden


Subj: Re: apal 12

Date: 98-01-26 10:31:01 EST

From: Soultender

To: Stazja

I still love the newsletter.. :) great idea putting the featured poets before the announcements.. do you know when notice will be sent as to whether poems were accepted for the anothology?.. great Job angel.. *****

Subj: Apal newsletter

Date: 98-01-26 17:33:23 EST

From: rlusk_at_ix16.ix.netcom.com (Randy Lusk)

To: stazja_at_aol.com


The latest newsletter is unreadable to me. I assume it is because my browser will not read html format. Gotta be others like me out there so if you can return to the old format...please do!


(sample appended)


This version (cut and pasted) looks fine. Beats me what caused the problem. Dallas was a success. Fixed my father's list of computer problems without getting frustrated (I'm a terrible teacher). He's 77 and I'm proud of him for even tackling the damn thing. He seems to be enjoying e-mail the most, but into a few other apps as well. We'll see. Hope the party and board meeting went well. See you tomorrow nite at Ruta Maya.


Subj: Re: austin poets at large #12

Date: 98-01-26 12:29:00 EST

From: vato_at_mail.utexas.edu (Roberto Moreno)

To: Stazja_at_aol.com

Excellent! I'll get back to you with other shows before midnight on sundays. I play a lot so I hope it's cool with you to put that on the

e-mail list.. You rock, I tell you..


Subj: Re: EVENT

Date: 98-01-26 23:21:19 EST


Sender: texaspoetry_at_datawranglers.com

In a message dated 1/26/98 4:19:04 PM, you wrote:

>The Austin Poets at Large weekly e-newsletter contains a poets guide to >upcoming events, venues, featured poems, announcements and updates on the >Austin International Poetry Festival '98. If you are not already on the >mailing list,

sign me up

David Alvey

Aardvark Studios

Subj: your massive post....

Date: 98-01-26 21:22:30 EST

From: henao_at_blkbox.com (Sissor)

Reply-to: henao_at_blkbox.com

To: Stazja_at_AOL.com

Hey thanks for forwarding me the post about the poets stuff. Jeramiah has gotten me all hooked up with you folks. I was just wondering if there is some way that I can receive the e-mail with out the HTML encoding. This is because I use an older version of Eudora that reads the tags and then makes it really hard to read the text and I rather not load up Netscape to read it and any others. If there is no workaround, wellllll I guess I'll just have to deal! Other wise thanks!

eric henao

aka Sissor

Subj: Re: apal 12

Date: 98-01-28 11:09:41 EST

From: Ppoetact

To: Stazja

Hi Stazja, I just read your epic newsletter on a tiny screen at my daughters in Maryland. After a fantastic trip to NYC for 4 days. Would you believe, I couldn't find one open mike poetry reading - bummer. I'll be back the 30th. Noticed that Valerie is having the gathering at HT on March 25, but didn' specify time. I hope it doesn't cooincide with SUCCULENT SISTERS which starts at 7. You are doing a monumental job with the newsletter. Thank you so much. Honeyhugs, Patricia

Subj: Hi

Date: 98-01-31 02:41:46 EST

From: SamIAm0423

To: Stazja

Some how I got on the poets mailing list, which I love. And, I am really interested in Austin poets and what the have to say, the problem is I have a new baby and getting out to these things is really hard, I almost have to say impossible. How can I keep informed and read whats out there with out attending any of the open mikes? Are there any publications out there that I could pick up, and is there any way that I could get my voice heard?

Appreciate any help you can offer.


Michelle E.

Subj: Re: austin poets at large #12

Date: 98-01-30 11:46:08 EST

From: cemgilbert_at_earthlink.net (Christine Gilbert)

Reply-to: cemgilbert_at_earthlink.net

To: Stazja_at_aol.com


I was referring to the list to which you send copies of your newsletter. Maybe I shouldn't write to them anyway. However, we wanted to reach as many Austin poets and poetry supporters as possible. The message for the newsletter would be:

Texas Nafas is the spirited poetry show we're bringing you on Austin Community Access TV, channel 10, Sunday nights at 9 p.m. We hope you've had the opportunity to watch it. We are doing our best to cover the local poetry venues and showcase poets with lively interviews and readings. Our goal is to help increase awareness of the wonderful poetry scene in Austin and to make it accessible to everyone. We are establishing our nonprofit status and seeking grant support. If you like our show and support the idea of what we are doing, please consider becoming a sponsor. We will accept donations in any amount, but for each $50 contributed, sponsors will receive a copy of a tape of their favorite show. Often we receive requests for copies of tapes, but we cannot fill all these requests and regret that we cannot afford to supply copies of our tapes for less than a $50 donation. Donations may be sent to Farid Mohammadi, 1222 Algarita Ave., #224, Austin, TX 78704. Your name will be acknowledged in the credits on our show.

We are in the process of applying for a grant from the Cultural Contracts Program, City of Austin, Parks and Recreation Department. If you support our program, please help us by writing to the members of the Advisory Panel listed below, letting them know that Texas Nafas is a wonderful show and deserves a grant. This is very important, because we need evidence that our show has local support. Thank you very much. Please do this soon! Also, please send a copy of your letter to Farid Mohammadi, 1222 Algarita Ave., #224, Austin, TX 78704 or e-mail him at poetry10_at_juno.com (Farid Mohammadi).

Advisory Panel Roster (please send a copy of your support letter to each member):

Hector Galan, 7108 Bright Star Ln, Austin, TX 78736

Beverly Holston, 2302 C. Enfield Rd., Austin, TX 78703

Jim Bob McMillan, 1451 S. Meadows, Austin, TX 78758

Jo Anne Outley, 4919 Manchester Circle, Austin, TX 78745

Milissa Santos, P.O. Box 163403, Austin, TX 78716


Subj: Re: austin poets at large #12

Date: 98-02-02 22:00:07 EST

From: cody_at_io.com (Cody Saunders)

To: Stazja_at_aol.com

> Stazja, I forgot to pick up a flyer for this. I don't know where Thom the World Poet's house is...


I kind of bumped into someone who I ended up spending a lot of time with. I checked my e-mail on Sunday at about 3:30 and saw that I forgot about this event! Not that I would not have enjoyed being there, but I'm certain I enjoyed very much more where I was!

I may not make it to Rio Grande, but I'll try to make it somewhere else; however, I am going to Denton this weekend...

Take care!