Hello At-Large Poets

I'm still in Florida, but keeping a finger on the pulse of poetry in Austin. Here is the APAL Poets Guide:

1. Tuesday, June 30 - Ruta Maya Coffee House, 4th and Lavaca, APAL open mic sign up at 6:30 pm. Hosted by Sara Sutterfield Winn and Mark Maslow. FMI e mail swinn_at_mail.utexas.edu or maslow_at_flash.net

2. Tuesday, June 30 - Slam at Electric Lounge, 305 Bowie. Sign up as early as 8 pm. Someone WILL win $50! $2 admission. FMI call 476-FUSE.

3. Wednesday, July 1 - BYOB: Blast Your Own Breath at Movements Gallery, 211 E. 6th St. Tammy Gomez hosts, 9-10:30 pm. tejana.tongue_at_mail.utexas.edu

4. Friday, July 3 - Mojo's Daily Grind, 2714 Guadalupe. APAL open mic hosted by Marie Fleischmann. 8-10 pm.

5. Saturday, July 4 - Quackenbush's will be closed for Independence Day. Go to the lake. Watch the fireworks.

6. Tuesday, July 7 - Ruta Maya Coffee House, 4th and Lavaca. APAL open mic, hosted by Sara and Mark. Sign up by 6:30 pm.

7. Tuesday, July 7 - Electric Lounge, 305 Bowie. The magnificent, exciting weekly SLAM! $50 cash to winner. sign up as early as 8 pm. $2 admission. 476-FUSE.

8. Wednesday, July 8 - BYOB: Blast Your Own Breath at Movements Gallery, 211 E. 6th St. Tammy Gomez hosts, 9-10:30 pm. tejana.tongue_at_mail.utexas.edu

9. Saturday, July 11 - Saturday Night Live Poetry in the Afternoon at Quack's, 2120 Guadalupe. APAL open mic, hosted by Diane Fleming, sign up at 3 pm. Featured poet: RD Perin. FMI e buddydog_at_texas.net.

10. Saturday, July 11 - Barnes & Noble at Westlake, 7-9 pm, presents Austin International Poetry Festival readings from the 1997 anthology "di-verse-city" and 1998 anthology "di-verse-city too". See announcements section. FMI, e wigg119_at_flash.net.

11. Monday, July 13 - Southside Poetic Action Series, Jovita's Restaurant y Cantina at 1619 South First, from 7-9 p.m

Featured Poetry - Theme this week is Summer. (Those of you in Southern Hemisphere, use your imagination).

Next week's theme: Independence Day/4th of July. Please submit poems in the body of e mail.

1. First up is Audrey Kaufman of Dublin, Ireland. Glad to have her at large.

Scarlet sunset

on the stairs

a dog forever waiting

2. Chris Vannoy recently moved to St. Pete from San Diego. He is "a tireless advocate of words both written and spoken, he works endlessly to raise up words from page to eye and from mouth to air." -- from his chap book, Temporary Tattoos, as are the following pieces. See chap book listings.

Sand Dance

I will brush the sand from your feet

They will dance in my hands.

soft ripe fruit

Take me down by the water Caley

where your boat waits

loaded full of mangos and key limes

their ripe smell reminds me

of late summer squalls that churn the oceans around us

The hurricanes will be coming soon

here will be safe harbor.

© 1997 by The Poet's Tree Press

3. Frank Pool is the Austin International Poetry Festival chairman. Here is an excerpt from his recent piece, Solstice:

solstice (xviii)

all the way from windy Troy

to the bowers of Austin,

to the scrub oak

and chalk,





of the globe

broiling itself with

carbon, the black brakes

of the bicycle; the daughter’s new

and shining wheels show no pollution.

great tragedies in shining days

burnished high in the sun,

the holy orchestra

in its returned




the cycles

and rhythms

of drums and flutes

railing against the silence

in the prescience of the masks

of the mythic dead and present actors.

retrieved in a flashing finding gesture

of losing and finding our lifetime

all in an undersea moment,

the golden ring.

a thousand



cannot be

time enough for us

when eternity’s shining gold

dropped on the reef at Cozumel,

lies on edge with living coral fronds,

beside the crevices of unredeemable black.

Frank Pool


4. A haiku, one of my own.

blossoms of plum trees

hurry to wear spring fashions

fruit awaits summer

Books/Chap books

Temporary Tattoos, A book of love poems by Chris Vannoy, © 1997 by The Poet's Tree Press. Contact Chris at CVannoy727_at_aol.com. 42 pages, 37 refreshingly readable poems. Also available is Soft Fists of Rain. Both priced at $7.

From David Alvey of Aardvark Studios:

<Aard Labor: Motherhood from a Father's Perspective> by David L. Alvey 32-pg chapbook tracking pregnancy from the <Positive> test result thru labor and delivery.

<Kids Talk> features winning poems by kids 5-to-18 from Aardvark Studios/Parent Talk 1st annual Kids Poetry Contest

Available for $5 ea, plus $1 shipping/handling from:

Aardvark Studios, PO Box 542913, Dallas, TX 75354-2913


1. APAL free poetry workshop every Sunday at Quackenbush's Coffee House, 2120 Guadalupe. Starts at 2 pm. Bring 10 copies of an original poem.

2. On Saturday, July 11, at 7 p.m., Barnes & Noble at Westlake will host

the first of two summer poetry readings for the Austin International Poetry Festival's anthologies, di-verse-city and di-verse-city too. Editor Scott Wiggerman will host the readings, which feature many of Austin's best talents. Among the readers scheduled for the Barnes & Noble reading are Gloria Amescua, Richard Cole, Molly Todd, Peggy Lynch, Harriett Parker, Cindy Huyser, Larry Cordle, Robin Britton, Patricia Fiske, Christine Gilbert, Joddy Murray, and Frank Pool. Poets will be reading their poems from the anthologies as well as other original poems.

3. Artists of a Different Caliber

This is a touring art exhibit featuring work that turns guns into beauty. They are seeking poetry (and poets) with work that speaks of alternatives to violence. If you've got poetry that uses words against violence then submit your work to Carol Koss

1819 B NW 42nd Street

OKC, OK 73118-2229

or e-mail cpkoss_at_aol.com

4. From Tammy Gomez


"In a Rape Culture, the Oppressors think there are

NHI - No Humans Involved.

We're Going to Set Them Straight."


The debut performance of "NHI -- No Humans Involved" took place on Friday,

June 19th, to a capacity audience (standing room only) of over 100 people.

The 12 vignettes that comprised our performance were compelling, visually

spellbinding, and very politically dramatic.

From the moment you climbed the stairs to Movements Gallery, you became

part of the performance: the crowd control team interrogated, segregated,

and otherwise enforced an atmosphere of tension that was crucial to establishing the tone of the NHI show.

Performances about the CORPORATE COOK, the female BODY ALARM, and the high school kid who wore a PEPSI-COLA T-SHIRT on Coke Day all drew hearty laughs.

But other vignettes, like the GLOBAL SWEATSHOP, BOTTOM RUNG OF THE

(CORPORATE) LADDER, and the KEN SARO-WIWA tribute pieces were astonishing and emotionally stirring.

By the end of the hour-long NHI performance, the whole house was brought down. All the participant/performers (23 people!) then gathered onstage to

receive thunderous applause and a standing ovation.

As Tammy Gomez, producer/director of NHI, told the audience: "we are Austin artists and activists...........humbly in the service of the truth! so may it be conveyed by our work and all the work that you do."

Thanks to the following folks who helped make NHI -- No Humans Involved a

grand success at Movements Gallery on Friday, June 19th, Austin, Texas:

Emily Kenyon

Sherry Milam


Zell Miller III

Tamara Ford

Anita Pantin

John Dolley

Louisa Spaventa


Carl Smith

Elaine Wolff

Patricia Greene

Diana Garcia

Torrence Gettrell

Lydia Armendariz

Barbara Timko

John Cutaia


Michael Crampton

Amanda-Lee Plaisance

Dylan Jones


Cecilia Gonzalez

Nikki True


Rene Renteria

and the Movements Gallery staff: Andrew Barron, Keith, and Zeek!

Peace, Relaxation, and a Speedy Recovery to all the folks who skipped meals, sleep, and time with significant others in order to make NHI a RIGHTEOUS success! Much love, Tammy Melody Gomez


for info on Tammy Gomez:


5. "Hi Stazja!

The "Neruda" reading that I'm organizing for next Saturday, now has a

website: http://www.ci.austin.tx.us/library/neruda/


6. Jeff Knight won the slam at Electric Lounge Tuesday night. Congrats, Jeff!

7. Calling for volunteers, needed for Slam Nationals in August. APAL is assisting Mike Henry and Phil West (Slam Master) and here is what is needed:

1. Distribute packets to businesses and possible sponsors. Solicit donations, sponsorships from these people. The packets will be ready in a few days. The packets contain information about the slam and information about sponsoring or donating money. Also, businesses that might donate items, services to silent auctions will be needed - so anyone who knows of a business willing to do this

should speak up.

2. Volunteer during slam week. There will be lots of volunteer opportunities. Sonya Feher is the volunteer coordinator. 326-9692 or sfeher_at_mail.utexas.edu

3. House out-of-town slam poets. Mark Maslow and Rev. Wyrdsli have already offered housing. Contact Phil West for this, pony_at_mail.utexas.edu.

8. APAL staff meetings will be held at Ruta Maya Coffee House on Tuesday evenings, following the APAL open mic reads. Anyone wanting to actively participate is welcome to attend. See hosts Sara Sutterfield Winn or Mark Maslow for more information.

9. Forwarded by Daphne Gottlieb

The Unarhymers

Brothers Geoffrey and Aaron Kuffner were arrested in New Orleans in June and charged with terrorism as the ones who had recently mailed or hand-delivered suspicious packages to local government and news media offices. The packages were harmless (but nonetheless frightening enough that two offices had to be evacuated), and each contained a four-page manifesto, "Violent Acts of Consciousness Have Only Begun." According to police, the men's goal was to call attention to public ignorance of poetry and that among their demands was that all state inaugural speeches be written in iambic pentameter. Times-

Picayune, June 20, 21

10. Special thanks to Krysten Tyner for doing a terrific job at the Ebony Sun Java House in my absence. Ivan Miller and his Austin Ebony Poets featured, and word has gotten to me that it was a memorable evening

Have a great week! Write a poem.

Anyone wanting off the mailing list, e me.

Much love,


Subj: Re: Austin Poets at Large #34

Date: 98-06-30 21:58:31 EDT

From: pero_at_earthlink.net (Alice Pero)

To: Stazja_at_aol.com

. A haiku, one of my own.


>blossoms of plum trees

>hurry to wear spring fashions

>fruit awaits summer


Dear Staz,

I really like this haiku.

What an amazing amount of work this newsletter is! Can I submit poems to it?

I hope things are going well at Flag.



Subj: Re: Austin Poets at Large #34

Date: 98-07-04 11:04:44 EDT

From: realbigdeal_at_hotmail.com (Fussy Spice)

To: Stazja_at_aol.com


I'll be reading next week at Barnes & Noble.\

Wanted to offer the lyrics to a new song to you to use in the PAL

e-mailout I like it alot. Hope you do, too


Big fat tires hot hard run

Edgy ghost in the noonday sun

Putting miles between myself

And the things I've done

This gravel cracks in the stinging heat

Wheel tracks from Tucumcari speak

They follow everywhere I've been

I cross them going back again

There's a telephone on a wall

The rain reminds me of your skin

I'm here to make a call

Outside a liquor store in Santa Rosa

And my hands lift the receiver

And the coins fall on the pavement

The afternoon is fading

Into purple in the canyons

The smell of gasoline is choking

And I'm dusty dry and cold

These roads are just a chessboard

And the black queen's singing softly

I see her in my mirror

She's older than I remember

There's a telephone on the wall

On a night long ago in Texas

When the heat settled like a blanket

On the street by your apartment

My hands lifted the receiver

And I dialed so very quickly

The moon is just a thumbtack

It pins the night upon the ceiling

And the mesa howls so sadly

As if it can't remember

I have lost all understanding of time; of inspiration

I crawl into the back seat

Where it's deep and big and empty

There's a telephone on a wall

Covered with graffiti

In Tucson Arizona

Late on Thursday morning

And the quarters drop like paratroopers

On a mission I have sent them

There's a telephone on the wall

And it rings in Albuquerque

Someone's not at home

But they'd like to call me back

And the number was abandoned

I'm sorry there's no listing…

Big fat tires hot hard run

Edgy ghost in the noonday sun

Putting miles between myself

And the things I've done…

(for Cindy)

-words/music Larry Cordle-Copyright 1998 Barbary Coast Music, Inc.

ASCAP. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Whaddaya think ?


Subj: Re: Austin Poets at Large #34

Date: 98-06-29 15:56:44 EDT

From: cq_at_offworlds.com (cq)

To: Stazja_at_aol.com (Stazja McFadyen)

>In a message dated 98-06-29 11:55:48 EDT, you write:



> Both very nice. :) CQ >>


>thanks, chris


Hey, I callz em az I seez em. ;)

Subj: hi

Date: 98-06-29 20:54:27 EDT

From: TigerIily

To: Stazja

hi stazja ...

just read the newsletter ... looks great ... sounds like you're keeping a pulse on everything in a stazja way :).

how are you doing? how's the auditing? any timeline on going home? can feel you wanting it more and more.

got in late last night. had a great time. however, sunburned and yes bug-bitten ... seems if there's one it will find me ... had to get some benedryl today because i was so swollen in places from bites ... ugh.

printed off thesis today ... scheduled to hopefully get her approval tomorrow ... this will be very good ... much more to do but this will be a big piece.

hope you are doing well, drinking iced tea, and finding things to smile about when you least expect it.


Subj: Re: Austin Poets at Large #34

Date: 98-06-29 20:58:59 EDT

From: audreyk_at_iol.ie (Audrey)

Reply-to: audreyk_at_iol.ie

To: Stazja_at_aol.com

thanks ... great meeting all you poets!!