Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 11:06:05 EDT
Subject: Austin Poets at Large #47
Hello Poets.

Back from my travels. L.A., San Diego, Nap Jam in Las Vegas. Anyone know where
I can cash in frequent driver miles?

There were many fine performances at the North American Poetry Jam. The entire
Mission District team showed up. So. Cal. was well represented: Robin Gwynne,
Mack Dennis, G. Murray Thomas, Ben Porter Lewis, Milo Martin, Patricia Bowser,
the Princess Daffodil (11 years old, already has a chapbook, folks!) and more.
Dayvid Figler, Wolfgang, Renee Christy, and other Las Vegas poets came out,
and Austin, of course, made a great showing. Once again, Totem took the stage
to provide music back up. Bowerbird will be posting coverage on his website at in the not-too-distant

And then there was the M&M Museum, on the Strip...   Life is good.


I.    APAL Poets Guide
II.   Featured poetry
III.  Books/Chapbooks/Spoken Word CD's
IV. Calls for Submissons
V.  Announcements

1. Monday, Sept. 28 - Patio of Jovita's Restaurant, 1619 South First St. from
7:30-9:30 p.m. Red Salmon Arts, focusing on the literary heritage of
historically marginalized peoples, provides a space for emerging
writers/artist as well as published writers from inside and outside of Austin;
hosting on-going poetry series, "Southside Poetic Action Series" open mike
reading. Fmi contact Resistencia Bookstore, 416-8885

2. Tuesday, September 29 - Ruta Maya Coffee House, 4th and Lavaca. APAL open
mic, sign up at 6:30 p.m. Co-hosts directly from NAP JAM 2 in Las Vegas, Sara
Sutterfield Winn and Mark Maslow. Featured poet: Diana Fleming. Bring your
chapbooks to sell at the chapbook table - a service provided by APAL. fmi

3. Tuesday, September 29 - Electric Lounge, 302 Bowie. Austin slam. $2 at the
door. $50 to the winner. Mike Henry hosts. Plenty of time to make it from Ruta
Maya to the slam sign up at 8:30 p.m. fmi call 476-FUSE.

4. Wednesday, September 30 - Movements Gallery, 211 E. 6th St. BYOB: Blast
Your Own Breath, 8:30-11 p.m. THE DAY OF GLARING TRUTH, in which Tammy Gomez
and B.C. Harrison both celebrate their birthday. Spoken word,  poetry,
freeform improvisation, music, drinking toasts. Tammy Gomez hosts. fmi contact

5. Friday, October 2 - First Friday open mic at Mojo's Daily Grind, 2714
Guadalupe. Open mic sign up at 8 p.m. Marie Fleischmann hosts.

6. Saturday, October 3 - Austin History Center, Poetry in the Arts, presented
by Peggy Lynch. 2 p.m. Featured guests: Conrad and Jean Marvin of Houston;
Frank Pool, chairman of Austin International Poetry Festival; Asoka
Weerasinghe - well-published author born in Sri Lanka, now residing in Ottawa.
Art display by Conrad Marvin. fmi call 453-7920. 

7. Saturday, October 3 - Saturday Night Live Poetry at Quackenbush's, 2120
Guadalupe. APAL open read, sign up at 7:30. Diane Fleming and Stazja McFadyen
co-host. Featured poet: Larry Cordle. fmi contact 

8. Saturday, October 3 - Austin International Music Extravaganza at Casa de
Luz, 1701 Toomey Road. 8 p.m. Presented by Cosmic Intuition Productions.
Featuring Renee Knauth (Transcendental Folk Music); Flames of Fire (Nyah Bingi
Soundz); Cosmic Intuition (Celestial Soundz). $7 donation. Hosted by Thom the
World Poet. Call 476-2535 or 604-4405. 

9. Tuesday, October 6 - Central Texas Live Poets Society hosts open read at
Barry's Coffee House, 517 N. 3rd in Temple. 7 p.m. fmi contact

10. Tuesday, October 6 - Ruta Maya Coffee House, 4th and Lavaca. Once again
voted "Best Place to Hear Poetry" in the Austin Chronicle's readers poll. Open
mic sign up at 6:30 p.m. Hosted by Sara Sutterfield Winn and Maslow. Featured
poet: Sonya Feher. fmi contact

11. Wednesday, October 7 -  Movements Gallery, 211 E. 6th St. BYOB: Blast Your
Own Breath, 9 p.m. Tammy Gomez hosts. fmi contact

12. Saturday, October 10 - Saturday Night Live Poetry at Quackenbush's Coffee
House, 2120 Guadalupe. Open read begins at 7:30 p.m. Co-hosts Diane Fleming
and Stazja McFadyen. Featured Poet: Larry Cordle. fmi contact 

Featured Poetry

Even expanding this section, I don't have the space to include every
submission, but thanks to all who generously offer your work.  

This week's theme:  "And the future generations?" 

Next week's theme:  Southern Louisiana (That includes New Orleans)

Editor's comment: As I receive poems, I sometimes find themes suggesting
themselves by similarity of content. Such is the case with this week's theme.
Warning:  Contents of the following poems may be hazardous to complaceny.

1. From Chris Vannoy of St. Petersburg, Florida


This is the year twenty twenty-two
You are here by instructed that
I am clone number two zero four
Of Master Body three three five
Fully functional
Standard intellect level was achieved
Through symbiotic representation
And sentience through a miscalculation of amino acids
	I am being held in passive restraint
	For donor organs
I overheard the bio-tech’s
Talking in low whispers 
As they were excavating clone number two zero three
For master body implantation
Full retrofit
All usable material removed

I lay in darkness of my fate
For eighteen years
Prepared for a world that I had seen only
Through the pre-programmed memories of
Master Body Three Three Five

		I am being kept alive for donor organs

I stand before you to plead for my life
NUMBER two zero four 
And  I   am   alive!

Copyright (c) 1994 Chris Vannoy

2. From Dean Blehert of Virginia (for complete poem contact 

Kill the Children (an excerpt)

Always the truly dedicated, the pure
have known that a hundred evil seeds spring up
where one weed is uprooted, that it is
not enough to kill the vermin: You must also
poison the young in their nest, if possible
before they hatch. Always the Hitlers
and Stalins and Pol Pots have known
you must gas, bayonet, starve, kill
the children.

A civilization, dying, first consumes
it's future, then, in a dazed locust-orgy
is gobbling up its present when
the barbarians arrive to finish the job
of killing all the children.

There are so many children: We must
teach them to kill each other. Then
we will not have so many to kill.
Kill the children.
Kill the children.

In our schools, if a child acts like a child,
it is said to have a disease, and is drugged.
If a child "acts up" or daydreams or disagrees
too loudly or is confused or is sad or too
bubbly or too anything (Ah, the terrible
toos!) it is drugged by those who know
exactly how much of anything
is enough (don't all teachers, all parents
know how much of anything is enough? Isn't that
the knowledge that comes with training, in fact,
that comes with being an adult?) They are drugged
into premature stupor, that is adulthood.
If a child can avoid being noticed,
perhaps it will escape being drugged, but
to avoid being noticed, the child must be
very "mature," careful of every word and gesture,
sealed off from others without appearing to be
(just like the drugged ones), really an adult,
that is to say, a dead child. In our schools
we educate the children.
Educate the children well enough,
and we don't have to kill the children.
They kill themselves.

Teach your children well --
Kill the children. Kill the children.

3. From Jessie Lizzie of Kansas:

People look at me, "Generation X."
People look at me,
And are blinded by what they see.
They see a girl,
Who dresses too 'unladylike',
They see a girl who'd prefer to drive a car,
Than trike across town on a bike.
People see my black clothes,
Assume I mean to steal,
People see the fire in my eyes,
And think I need to be healed.

Then I look back at them.
I look at what their generation has done...
Drugs, so-called "Peace"...
I look at the rainforests that have been torn apart....
What will I do for air in 50 years?
Or watching the rain pour down....
Acid drop after acid drop...
Watch every piece of land be developed....
Beach dune to mountain top....

They hack on us, for what we do and don't do...
I always wonder though,
Have they considered what they've done?
Left us?

4. From Christina Springer of Pittsburgh:

Memorandum II

TO: Christina
FR: Mom
RE: Plans

We will arrive Saturday
to see the granddaughter.


Dear Mom,

There is no true euphoria 
other than birth. Touched
immortality in one tender groan
bloody and rhythmic. Listen
to the song of forever in molecules,
swabbing her nubby stump
I touch my own belly button.
Feel you.   Breathless again,
imagine the crackling barrier between worlds 
crumbling when women touch that sacred place 
at the same time.  Being each other and ourselves
once again.  Love your daughter.

5. From Jan Houston of Dallas. 

  How do I tell you about this, Son ?
  What do I say to help you understand ?
  that Armageddon is not an asteroid approaching Earth
  nor tidal waves or earthquakes or men from outer space
  but is the dead-eyed drugged insensitive young mother
  without morals, with nothing left to teach
  with no worthy example left to give or follow
  whose own parental guidance is a generation lost
  in disillusion, dreamless in a dream gone black
  How do I tell you, Son ?
  you, whose certainty reminds me
  that truth is just simplicity itself
  whose wisdom tells me "Look!" 
  How can I help you see ? 
  that it's not up to guns or war (and certainly not drugs!)
  nor the uniforms of doctors, soldiers, politicians
  even NASA's hard-trained men, to save the world
  but that courage is your own sweet reach to others 
  trapped, entrenched in hate
  who live in every culture, race and country of this planet
  slaves all, to television news 
  generating waves of hopelessness and dangerous environment
  in hypnotizing endless broadcast, crying "Death!"
  the death of the individual
  the death of the spirit of man
  the death of life itself, of you, of me
  that this is Armageddon
  insidiously waged by psychiatric priests, the War of Wars
  the weapons - drugs and lies 
  to hypnotize before our eyes, desensitize and dramatize defeat
  all sold to basically good people
  to profit but a relatively few mad, evil far gone beings
  whose paper, arms and money cannot save them from themselves
  How do I show you, Son ?
  that this is Armageddon
  and that those who boldly help 
  who truly heal
  who bravely share the truth
  who show the way with care and kindness
  are the Heroes of Heroes for man and for eternity
  and that you yourself are such a Hero
  exalted and redeemed by the light that you create
  in the grateful eyes of those you wake to join 
  the breed that never dies
  © 1998 Jan Houston

III.  Books/Chapbooks/CD's

chap*book (noun) First appeared 1798 : a small book containing ballads, poems,
tales, or tracts

it was so called because it was hawked by 'chapmen' - or peddlers.  The word
'chap' comes from a ME and/or OE word meaning 'cheap.' 

1. "Seduction" the cd-rom from Circe and Dead End Street Publications is
available online at for
$9.95 and also at where it has garnered 9 *Five Star* reviews!
This "not to be missed" work comprised of the author's voice, poetry and
art, details the angst and the ecstacy of love. "Guaranteed to raise your
sexual temperature!" Mail orders to: Dead End Street Publications, LLC, 813
Third St., Hoquiam, WA 98550

Also by Circe: "MoonMadness and Mystics" $10 (an illustrated pagan's
journal), "Aphrodesiac" $5 (the perfect prelude to sex), "Castles in the
Air" $8,(a bittersweet romantic anthology by Donn Deedon and Circe);
Regional Italian Cooking $12.50 (everything Italian from antipasto to
pasta, pizza to tiramisu)  contact  or use our online
orderform at  phone, mail and fax orders
accepted toll free (888) 248-7321 fax (818) 541-7790, Starsaga P.O.Box 542,
Montrose, CA 91020.

2. From Chris Vannoy:  I got the Clone Jam CD. It sounds AWESOME....It is
called THE BASTARD MUSICIANS OF MESMER. Also, Digitized Eyes is on a CD titled
WORMHOLE. If any one would like to purchase a copy...please have them contact
me. both are on sale now for 10$

3. "Feeding the Crow" an anthology of poetry featuring Austin poets Peggy
Lynch, Jose Flores, Lyman Grant, Robin Britton, Jill Wiggins, Carlyn
Luke Reding, Jennifer Cardenas, a Phillip T. Stephens and Alyce Guynn
and edited by Susan Bright, poet and publisher of Plain View Press. For
information on ordering, call 441-2452.

IV. Call for submissions

1. Windfall Light - a new quarterly literary magazine - is looking for poetry,
personal/literary essays.
Buys first or second North American Serial Rights
All contributions must be typed. Submit one copy with contributor's name
address and phone number.
(SASE if reply desired)

Windfall Light
PO Box 155
Lexington,  OK 73051-0155

2. Long-Time San FranciscoF Slam supporter/co-host Lauren Shiffman is now
seeking submissions for the next issue of Crack, her lit zine:
It's time to submit to the BIGGER, BETTER, BOLDER crack #2!!

We are seeking submissions of compelling and innovative poetry, sudden fiction
and b/w art. Send 3-5 poems, fiction under 2,000 words, or inquiries regarding
non-fiction pieces along with a SASE before October 31 to: 
P.O. Box 411113, 
S.F., CA 94141. 
Please include a phone number or email address.

Please forward this message to anyone who might be interested.


3. GULF COAST PUBLISHING COLONY (12/27/98-1/3/99): Call for Entry. Ten
selected writers to join poet/editors, Susan Bright and Margo LaGattuta, for
7-day intensive, collaborative publishing colony on beautiful Texas Gulf coast
resulting in publication of the 17th Plain View Press New Voices Series
anthology, a national showcase for American writers and issue-based literary
work. Send 15-20 pages by Nov 15:  Plain View Press,  P.O. 33311, Austin, TX
78764. Inquiries: Susan Bright,
512-441-2452 (, Margo LaGattuta, 810-693-7344
( Follow New Voices Series link:
Reading Fee: $10


1. 1999 Austin International Poetry Festival dates are set for April 15-18,

The next board meeting will be held on Monday, September 28 at Cepeda Branch
Library, E. 7th and Pleasant Valley, at 7 p.m. fmi contact or
call Midge Kocen at 835-5942 

2. Bring your chapbooks to sell at Ruta Maya on Tuesdays. A manned table is
set up for same. All $ goes directly to the poet. for guidelines contact

2. Last week's Austin $50 Slam Winner, the Princess Karyna. Congrats Ms.

3. News from Genevieve Van Cleve (excerpt):

"Here is what I know....this is a country entirely peopled by small dogs and
the elderly ladies that walk them.

I'm doing well. Reading in London this upcoming week. Denmark the week after.
I went to Wales yesterday, I did not encounter any long lost relatives. I'm
getting our chap book from 1997 reviewed by the Ohio journal. I assume this is
ok with all involved.

These are the basic facts. All is well.

Miss you all to pieces. Love, gen."

4. And if you are looking for surrealism, check out the Acting Studio's
production of Samuel Beckett's "Endgame, 8 p.m. Thursdays-Saturdays, October
1-24. The production includes Clint McCown and The Kairos! Company. fmi check
Austin Chronicle listings.

5. The slam website has lots of links to related sites. If anyone wants to
check them out, go to 

Anyone wanting off the mailing list, e me. 

Have a poetically productive week. 

Much love,