MAP #74

Theme: Poems from International Guests

1. Jayne Fenton Keane, from Tallai, Australia:


Those darkest eyes ablaze by umbral suns

Desire mirrors upon our vanity,

Your head upon my breast sends breath through me,

Our winged shadow's cast -- an ebony swan!

Entwined we glide toward truer selves unknown

While whispers of wrecked lovers scorch our minds

-- Those caught in nature's paradox designed

To make tomorrows. Wastelands warped in stone

Revere our emptiness. Deep in your eyes

I see myself. Such skeptical disgrace

Is holiness. Coarse nature can't displace

Our mindfulness. We consciously revise

The arias of artless birth with lust

For art. To stalk this solitude ... -- We must.

© Jayne Fenton Keane


2. From Carl Dhiman of London:

Shopping around

for a better deal

for a better

you make me feel

lika a natural woman

an unnatural come-on...

a pint sized problem

in a pushchair

a way in

a way out

a day in

a healthy doubt

a love

of your life

(inspired by, and dedicated to Mimi Knapp)

© carl dhiman


3. From Brinsley Sheridan, of London:


If you remember 1968?

When bells were ringing by the golden gate

And no one worried about the dollar rate

You're Forty-something.

Can you recall when Lennon grew his beard

And words like "Psychedelic" first appeared

And it was cool to call your parents "weird!"

You're Forth-something.

And do you tell your kids the sixties were the time to live

That all that music today is only derivative

And when they watch TV and ask you: were you really there?

You say yes, because you like to think you nearly were.

If all your friends can talk about is how

The price of property is doing now

Or if the school their kids are in is in or out -

You're Forty-something!

Do dinner parties seem a dull affair

Where wine is spoken while the guests compare

The cost of renovating that art-deco chair -

You're pretentious - and Forty-something!

Once Sergeant Pepper had the only lonely heart you knew

Now all your friends are on their own or marriage number two!

Psychedelia has given way to psychotherapy

Peace and love for financial security

Forty is a golden age. Forty is a magic stage

Forty is now all the rage - Because we're forty

Forty's when you reach your prime, Forty is that special time -

When you'd give everything you've got to stay thirty nine!

© Brinsley Sheridan

4. Alex Krysinski of Wakefield, England:


soft as a caress

on unmarked skin;

gentle as a word

that undermines,

breeds doubt.


of tenderness

and trust

that you can't quite

speak of

but you feel it

somewhere deep down

even though the child

has become woman.

It stirs like a phantom

when you can't trust,

when you just can't love

even though you want to.

And the abused abuse

themselves or others

until someone or something

brings light into that dark corner,

that secret self

that frightened child

who still clings

to the woman.

Someone or something

who can dispel those Demons,

sends them back

to where they came from.


leave scars

that are not visable

until someone or something

brings them into the light.

© 1998 Alexandria Janenna Krysinski