MAP 106

Theme At long last like (Can you commit to love?)

Issue 107 - Poems of Thanksgiving

Issue 108 - Tribute to Neruda/Paz/Lorca

Issue 109 - Past Lives I Have Led

Thanks to all who have sent me your poetry. Apologies to those who got your "Colors" poems in late. It was a popular theme, I might yet run it again.

I'm still getting such positive feedback from the Hosts with the Most Coast to Coast series (someone suggested anthologizing), I'm scheduling a reprise for early Y2K.

Here are this week's poems for "At Long Last, Like"

1. From Georgia Popoff of Syracuse


I lit candles

to soothe the heart of a lover


that peace may press

her fingertips to his temples

ease his eyes into sleep

hum a soft lullaby

Blue notes to quiet the pounding


a tonic

a bath

an ocean

A mountain

This morning

after lighting candles

after a short

quiet prayer

I heard the yearning

of an animal

previously unknown

to my yard

It was a raspy message

It was the voice of pain

accepting its healing

© 1999 Georgia Popoff

2. From Sharla Clos of Houston

Woman In Waiting

journeying to music of Native American Tongue

I find myself lost in the vast RainForest of my own



Listening, I can feel and hear waterfall spray into

Worlds unknown

waiting just one step outside my own

veil of existence

and I know someday

yes, someday you will come into my reality


and you will be worth the wait


I find in you


I have found in no one else

the simple touch of your hand

or gentle grace of your smile

gazing into my eyes of blue longing


I may question

why we must wait


why we just can't go with it

and let what is meant to be

simply be

in all its beautiful and bountiful


yet at the same

I also know


in pushing

I will only push

not only you

but the hope

of you

further away

from my existence


then I would have lost

more than I could have

ever gained

© Sharla Clos

3. From my very dear friend Jan Houston of Plano.



in your steady elegance

my frightened brashness

falls away

as shy noise

meaningless within

your peaceful kingdom

I take courage

in your quiet humility

I find my own decision

and speak because

these silent ferns

that drape

the rain hushed garden

these sleeping nested birds

the patterns

of red fallen leaves

on wet moss stones

they sing of England

yet cannot honor you

nor know

how more

than loved

I am

so softly blessed

enjoying your deep


and the grace

you place around you


blessed to see

such playful promise

shine to me

from your amazing eyes


a rain

more perfect

a garden bloomed

more glorious

than in each fraction

of eternity

I am allowed

to see you happier

my new found friend

whose laughter

breathes the Spring

how easily

I could want

never to be

without you

in my life

©1999 Jan Houston

4. A should-have-been-among-hosts-with-the-most is Faith Vicinanza of Connecticut

A Poem For Tuesday

in your hands I am all ink and pen

writing myself into the soft flesh at your throat

into the uneven terrain of your shoulders

but the words fade as quickly as I write them

so I write them again and again

each time you pull me

to you

© 1999 Faith Vicinanza

5. It's my great pleasure to give you a poem by Dillon McKinsey of Austin.

Unrequited Ecstacy

The fragrance of your body haunts my breathing--

With every inward breath you enter deep--

And when I let myself exhale,

My breath refreshed is sweet.

I have not been to Paradise,

Or eaten quail or heaven's bread--

But when my thoughts are filled with you

There's feasting in my head.

And when imagination,

Like a painter rich in art,

Mounts the scaffolds of my hungry soul,

There's beauty in my heart.

We have not kissed but ether's plane

Our lips yet long to do--

But I have sampled something, love--

For now all tastes of you.

© Dillon McKinsey

6. From Kathleen Coleman of Oklahoma

like wind and waves

Love is

Hands open

Life lightly held



Held like wind and waves

A venturing trust


In the simple, exquisite blossoming

Of goodness

As open hands

Give, receive

Like wind and waves

Whose flow and press

Pass between fingers

Reaching out to feel

© Kathleen Coleman