Map of Austin Poetry #160-1

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Theme: Giving Thanks

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This week's selections include:

1. "Thanksgiving Poem" by Christine Gilbert

2. "In a few weeks" by Ingeborg Carsten-Miller

3. "Both" and "The openest Aviary is the One That Gives" by Jeanne Spicuzza

1. Christine Gilbert is an Austin poet.

Thanksgiving Poem

I'm thankful for illusions,

that magic is created with a picture or a word,

that the loneliness of silence

can be filled with musical transfusions.

I'm thankful for illusions,

when escape is possible on the silver screen,

where I can live vicariously a life unseen and charmed,

find fulfillment in danger or romance,

then walk away unharmed.

I¹m thankful for the dance.

I'm thankful for concealing,

for masks and makeup and costumes that disguise

our flaws or what we're really feeling,

for kind untruths and virtuous lies.

I'm thankful for nonrevealing.

I¹m grateful that a smile can hide a thought,

for elusive shadows and emotions

that fade or change or simply go away,

and thankful for distortions too,

when something's out of shape or strange and new.

I'm thankful for fables that turn the tables,

change ugly ducklings into swans,

scullery maids to princesses, make kings of pawns,

and for myths that tell us thunder is the Gods at play.

I'm thankful for stories, myths, and fables.

I'm thankful for miracles and alternate realities,

for prayers and promises of everlasting life,

for imagination, mirrors, inventive schemes,

clocks and calendars and other means

of measuring immaterialities and time.

But finally I'm thankful for the poet who sees it all

and captures truth in one encompassing rhyme.

© Christine Gilbert


2. Ingeborg Carsten-Miller lives in Silver Spring, Maryland

In a few weeks

Hurry up -

count the days -

just a few more weeks -

then it will be

Christmas -

Christmas like:

winterwonderland -

tinklebells &

carolling &

eating &

drinking &

giving gifts like

cheer & good will -

A child was born

many a year ago

to save the world -

remember - for you and me!

Be grateful!

© Ingeborg Carsten-Miller


3. Jeanne Spicuzza of Los Angeles will feature at Teaism in DC on Sunday, Dec. 10 and at XandO in Baltimore on Monday, Dec. 11, along with friend Georgia Popoff. If you are in the area, don't miss these ladies.


Some people go through life

never writing a song

or composing a poem;

some will never know what it’s like

how much it is

to love you.

Both will never be

as rich as me.

The openest Aviary is the One That Gives

from outside a crooked wooden window frame

a child's cries perching behind the pane

the visitor's voice beyond sorrow's sublime sounding


the beauty of its joy and pain

loud and angry wails

its screams singing

like laughter mocking music;

stark and gray appearing


in approach of

light reveals

its brilliant-colored feathers shine;

how briefly beheld

sends its sails lofting

wings away above rooftops

sweet, subtle flight

the most unique creature ever seen

utters such its souls barest breathing

so gratuitous

it need not long and linger over after giving grace

© Jeanne Spicuzza