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Submission Guidelines



There is no need to read Ardent! before submitting. We never truly know what we like until we read it. Just send your best poetry. Unsolicited submissions are welcome from unpublished poets and established poets alike.

Response Time

Please allow a minimum of 4-6 weeks for a response. If you have not heard from us thereafter, please nudge our memory.

Publishing Cycle

Ardent! is a semiannual publication with release dates in April and October. It is beautifully printed and perfect bound. A great showcase for your poetry.

Submit original, unpublished poems. Electronic submissions are preferred, but postal mail submissions are acceptable. A poem is published if accepted by a publisher in any medium, including online publication, or if it is posted to an online forum that is accessible to the public. Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but notice must be given immediately upon receipt of notification that a manuscript has been accepted elsewhere.
Poems included in self-published chapbooks of 50 or fewer copies are acceptable.

General—We are open to reading formal and free verse poetry; most topics, forms and lengths. We will consider anything that is not overtly partisan in its politics, hateful, pornographic or abusive. We will however consider subtle, understated eroticism and are looking for poetry whose theme in some way evokes or describes ardency.

Submit three–four original poems—then please wait until we notify you of our decision before submitting again.

Permission Granted— Please include a statement giving Poetry in the Arts, Inc. your permission to use your work.

Provide a brief (300-500 word + / -), informal biographical sketch. Please do not just list your educational and publishing achievements. Say something interesting about yourself, something about which readers can be ardent. If you will be listing publication credits, it is stylistically improper to enclose the titles of books, journals or magazines in quotation marks! If you have a Web site and/or published works, include information about where the books may be purchased and any related URL(s).

Payment & Awards

Payment will be in copies and promotional copy included in the biographical profile on the Ardent! Web site.

Statement of Rights and Intent to Publish

Submission of material to Poetry in the Arts, Inc., for publication constitutes a grant of license to publish. Poetry in the Arts, Inc., retains First-Time North American Publication Rights. Copyright reverts to the poet following publication. The right to publish not withstanding, Poetry in the Arts, Inc. shall be under no obligation to publish any poem, writing or other submission to which it retains such right to publish.

Simultaneous submission of material that is subsequently accepted for publication elsewhere places an affirmative duty on the person submitting the material to notify Poetry in the Arts, Inc. of such acceptance for publication. Persons submitting for publication further indemnify against the claims of others and hold Poetry in the Arts, Inc. harmless for any failure on their part to notify Poetry in the Arts, Inc. of any agreement for publication of their poetry by others, or disposition of the rights to the material that may be held by another party.

Poems may be withdrawn from publication by sending an email to:

Poetry in the Arts, Inc. reserves the right to waive or modify these guidelines without prior notice. The most up-to-date guidelines will be posted on the Poetry in the Art’s, Inc. web site.

Sending Submissions

Submitting by email (preferred):

  • Please include a statement giving Poetry in the Arts, Inc. your permission to use your work.
  • Provide a brief (300-500 word + / -), informal biographical sketch.
  • Copy and paste up to three (3) poems into the body of an email addressed to:
  • Attachments (MS Word or RTF) may be sent if you are concerned about any special formatting for your poem(s)—as follows:
    • Please include a statement giving Poetry in the Arts, Inc. your permission to use your work.
    • Copy and paste your poems into a single attachment

If submitting by postal mail:

  • We strongly prefer submission by email.
  • Submissions must be clearly typed in black on clean, white, unlined, letter size paper.
  • Clean photocopies of typed manuscripts are acceptable as well.
  • The font should be a sans serif font (Arial or Helvetica) that is no smaller than 12 point.
  • Single space.
  • Provide your contact information at the top of each page of your submission: name, address, telephone number and email address.
  • If you do not have an email address, and wish to be notified of acceptance or rejection, include a SASE (SAE) with adequate postage or IRC for our response.
  • Manuscripts will not be returned. Do not send your only copy of a manuscript.
  • Include a statement giving Poetry in the Arts, Inc. your permission to use your work.
  • Include a cover letter with a biographical sketch (300-500 word + / -).
  • Send submissions to:

    Dillon McKinsey, Editor
    302 Cripple Creek
    Cedar Park, TX 78613




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